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Available in Diesel, LPG Gas, Electric, PTO and Portable

Each unit comes complete with the following:

FAN BLADE – Composite fibreglass, trailing edge wedge, swept tips, 18’-pitched for maximum engine HP performance, optional blades pitched for lesser HP’s.

TOWER – 35’2” tall, .250” x 20” steel tube

GEARBOXES – Pressure lubricated,

ROTATION GEAR DRIVE – Constant speed, 360 degrees, NE SW rotation (NW SE optional)

DRIVELINE – 3-section, dynamic spin-balanced

ENGINE HOOD – Stainless Steel – Standard Issue

CONTROLS – Murphy Power View – Propane Units; Murphy safety shut down gauges – Diesel Units


ENGINE POWER OPTIONS – Iveco Diesel NEF 6.7 Diesel, Iveco NEF 4.5 Diesel, Ford Triton V-10 Propane, Toshiba 75-125 HP Slow-Start Electric Motors

OPTIONAL AUTOSTART CAPABILITY Proprietary Auto Start Controls built into Ford Triton engine control module – no add-on, less wiring, cleaner set-up


Run your Frost Fan from your Phone

Start and stop, set parameters of wind machine from a smartphone or computer. Message your temperature and alarms and show if the machine is running or not, graph results


Fan horsepowers from 86 – 145 HP – PTO 1000 rpm


Hydraulic Actuated


The standard warranty for the Chinook wind machine (fan, gearboxes, drivelines, and tower) is two years.  The manufacturer of the engine warrants the engine.


The Chinook propane Ford Triton V10 units will burn approximately 13 gallons of propane per hour of operation and the Chinook Iveco NEF6.7 diesel units will burn approximately 5 gallons of diesel per hour of operation.  There are other manufacturers, that utilize the same engine package size but have a higher fuel consumption due to the increased amount of tip drag on their prop and differences in gearbox ratios; which increase the engine operating speed, with the resultant increase in fuel consumption and more wear and tear on the engine itself.  Reports have been made of fuel consumptions for propane units reaching as high as 19+ gallons per hour, yet, total acreage coverage is still less than that of the Chinook.

We will help layout the proper placement for the wind machine(s).  If you provide us with a road intersection, address, or GPS coordinates, we will use Google Earth Pro to spot and map out the area of coverage that you can expect to get with the Chinook wind machine.

HF Hauff has been in an agricultural manufacturing business for over 55 years they have been involved in the wind machine business installing, servicing and selling machines since 1970.  They have been manufacturing the Chinook wind machine for 35 years.   The Chinook wind machine is a quality built machine, that is reliable, easily maintained, competitively priced, and offers significantly more coverage than other machines.   

Please give us a call with any additional questions that you may have.